CBD Facts You Need To Know

CBD Facts You Need To Know

  • Canada forming panel to study CBD and other cannabis ‘health products’

    Canada’s public health agency is putting together its committee to study the potential health benefits of products containing cannabis. Health Canada announced Thursday that it will begin taking nominations for a panel of experts who “will provide independent scientific and clinical advice to support the Department’s […]

  • Oregon CBD company lays off dozens of workers, blames FDA uncertainty

    Dozens of employees have been laid off from an Oregon-based CBD company that launched less than five months ago, according to a newspaper report. Between 30 and 40 workers lost their jobs at Sentia Wellness, according to Oregonian sources. The company did not release an exact number. Located in Portland, Sentia Wellness had 150 employees and […]

  • Editor’s Notebook: Why the industry goes sideways by overexplaining

    Sometimes the most basic advice is the hardest to follow.  Floss every day! Save more for retirement! The list goes on. …  Editor’s Notebook: Why the industry goes sideways by overexplaining is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & Cannabusiness news for cannabis entrepreneurs

  • Sephora sets CBD standards as it adds fourth line of topicals

    Beauty retailer Sephora has released a set of baseline standards for CBD-infused products it will carry as the high-end cosmetics store adds a fourth line of hemp-derived topicals to store shelves. The Sephora CBD standards require that CBD products it sells: Include only full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD extracts, not isolate. Source the CBD […]

  • USDA drops DEA hemp testing requirement for 2020, while FDA acknowledges demand for CBD

    (This story has been updated with final changes and additional industry reaction.) Federal agriculture officials will delay the requirement that all THC testing on hemp crops must be performed at laboratories registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. And food and drug regulators say it’s a “fool’s errand” to […]

  • Insiders share harvest, storage tips to avoid costly mistakes in hemp farming

    First-time hemp farmers learned hard lessons about the cost of doing business in 2019, when many grew the crop on speculation, without harvest plans or contracts in place. Promised they could make upwards of $50,000 per acre, farmers looking for a reprieve from low crop prices and foreign tariffs rushed into planting and growing the Insiders […]

  • Virginia lawmakers OK bill allowing smokable hemp for anyone 21 and older

    Virginia lawmakers have sent Gov. Ralph Northam a proposal allowing people 21 and older to smoke hemp. The bill, sponsored by Republican Delegate Danny Marshall, passed both chambers of the Legislature on Monday. Growing and cultivating hemp is legal under federal law, and farmers in Marshall’s district have embraced the new crop. But the […]

  • Colorado CBD company hires ex-FDA chemist to help develop new products

    Colorado CBD maker Veritas Farms hired a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration official to help the company research and develop new products. Daniel Connors was an analytical chemist for the FDA, where he worked to maintain the safety of the nation’s food and medical supply, Veritas said in a news release Tuesday. His work at […]

  • Georgia-Pacific, Canadian firm join to produce nonwoven hemp products

    Georgia-Pacific, a giant in the paper-manufacturing industry, is partnering with a Canadian firm that uses hemp-based fibers for a variety of nonwoven products. Victoria, British Columbia-based Bast Fibre Technologies announced the agreement with Georgia-Pacific on Tuesday. BFT makes baby wipes and other personal-care fiber products. The […]

  • Losses widen for Green Growth Brands as it plans sale of CBD business

    Green Growth Brands, an Ohio-based cannabis retailer that owns both marijuana dispensaries and the nation’s largest chain of CBD retail locations in mall kiosks, reported $21.2 million in revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019, up more than 600% from the same period in 2018. The company also announced plans to sell its CBD business Losses […]

  • Hemp data company launches legal battle over ‘benchmarks’ moniker

    Two companies that provide data and analytics to the hemp industry – New Leaf Data Services and PanXchange – are in a trademark dispute over the phrase “hemp benchmarks.” New Leaf sued PanXchange earlier this month in federal court in Connecticut, claiming trademark infringement of its “Hemp Benchmarks” […]

  • Wisconsin hemp grower sues Illinois contractor, says product was burned

    A Wisconsin-based hemp grower is suing an Illinois farm it hired to dry 84,000 pounds of the crop, only to have most of the product burn during the drying process, a federal lawsuit alleges. Oconomowoc-based Lake County Growers said it hired Winslow, Illinois-headquartered Moest Holdings in October to dry the hemp with an industrial […]

  • ‘As impatient as we are, we’re going to follow their guidelines’ : Q&A with Ellen Deutsch

    Ellen Deutsch, Stem Holdings’ executive vice president and chief operating officer, believes hemp and CBD companies must focus on developing brands that are sustainably produced with high-quality, consistent formulations that will gain trust among consumers. ‘As impatient as we are, we’re going […]

  • Colgate to acquire brand with new CBD line of toothpaste, mouthwash

    Oral hygiene giant Colgate Palmolive is joining the ranks of major U.S. companies entering the hemp and CBD space, with one of its soon-to-be brands launching a line of cannabidiol-containing toothpastes, mouthwashes and lip balms. Hello Products, an oral care brand based in New Jersey, launched its seven-product CBD line earlier this […]

  • Louisiana begins licensing farmers, CBD firms to build state’s nascent hemp industry

    Agriculture officials in Louisiana have begun issuing the first hemp production and handling licenses to farmers, processors and transporters, while businesses ranging from gas stations to pharmacies have received the go-ahead they need to sell products containing CBD in the state. As one of the first three states to receive federal approval for […]

  • Washington state, Wyoming hemp oversight plans OK’d by feds

    Washington state and Wyoming are the latest states to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to run their own hemp oversight. The USDA also approved three American Indian Tribes: The Otoe Missouria Tribe. The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. The Santee Sioux Nation. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, states and tribes are permitted to […]

  • Australis backs out of deal for Colorado hemp firm Folium

    Australis Capital, a cannabis investment firm based in Las Vegas, terminated its planned acquisition of hemp company Folium Biosciences in the wake of lurid headlines that surfaced regarding the Colorado company it was going to purchase only two months ago. Australis, a spin-off of Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis, said in a news […]

  • Fruit, vegetable giant latest to join smokable hemp industry

    A major fruit and vegetable processor is entering the market for smokable hemp flower, converting a former pear and apple cannery in Washington state to hemp drying. Seneca Foods, a Nasdaq-listed (SENEA) company that processes fruits and vegetables from more than 2,000 farms across the U.S., said it has acquired a 49% stake in CraftAg, a […]

  • Former Burt’s Bees executive joins NC-based CBD company

    Former Clorox and Burt’s Bees executive Phoebe Leppla is joining Open Book Extracts to lead the company’s product development efforts. Leppla previously led research and development teams at Burt’s Bees, and she spent a decade at The Clorox Co. before that. At Clorox, she specialized in “product innovation in cleaning, […]

  • Minor cannabinoids offer higher prices and less federal oversight, but risks abound

    Farmers feeling the effects of an oversupply of hemp for CBD are looking to minor cannabinoid production as another option to make the kind of profit margins they thought they would see from entering the hemp space. More hemp plant breeders are offering genetics for CBG production in 2020, while others are working to select Minor cannabinoids […]

  • East Coast ornamental greenhouse partners exclusively with Front Range Biosciences

    One of the top U.S greenhouses for ornamental plants plans to partner exclusively with Colorado-based hempseed production company Front Range Biosciences. Coastal Greenhouses, which operates six facilities in four East Coast states, joins a movement of ornamental greenhouses that have shifted to the hemp market amid decreasing profit […]

  • Pennsylvania hemp processor closes, citing falling hemp and CBD prices

    A major hemp processor based in Pittsburgh folded after the collapse of hemp and CBD market prices. Commonwealth Alternative Medicinal Options closed its 45,000-square-foot CBD processing facility on Monday, leaving a hole in the local supply chain, according to the Tribune-Review. Chief operating officer Mike Moody said the company saw a 75% […]

  • Agribusiness giant Syngenta adds hemp to its lobbying efforts

    Another Big Agriculture company has acknowledged engaging in lobbying activity on behalf of industrial hemp. Syngenta AG, a major player in global agriculture with agronomic interests from plant breeding to crop protection, said it is monitoring industrial hemp regulations. Company officials say they are especially interested in the U.S. […]

  • Grocery giant Kroger lobbies on CBD after adding topicals to store shelves

    The nation’s largest grocery store chain by revenue, Kroger, is now lobbying on CBD policy. The move comes after the grocery giant added CBD topicals to its store shelves in 17 states. According to Kroger lobbying disclosures, first reported by Cannabis Wire, the grocery giant reported spending roughly $190,000 in the fourth quarter of 2019 […]

  • How coronavirus in China could be a boon for US hemp producers

    The coronavirus outbreak in China likely will benefit American hemp companies that compete with Chinese suppliers on the global and domestic markets. Trade tensions between the United States and China previously caused disruptions in the cannabis supply chain. And this newest issue underscores the vulnerabilities in the global marketplace that […]

  • SLIDESHOW: Products for hemp on display at the World Ag Expo

    The staff of Hemp Industry Daily attended the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, this week. Here are some of the new products for hemp cultivation and processing. (Click on the orange arrows to advance the slideshow.) SLIDESHOW: Products for hemp on display at the World Ag Expo is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & […]

  • UK clears path for CBD food sales but adds dosage limits and safety deadline

    British food regulators have given the CBD industry a little over a year to apply for safety evaluations in order to remain on shelves, a landmark advancement as many nations have yet to decide whether cannabidiol can be sold in food. The announcement by the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) on Thursday also set dosage UK […]

  • Five mistakes to avoid before planting hemp this season

    As hemp production grows at lightning speed, farmers are finding that the difference between success and failure in the cutthroat market happens before the first leaves emerge. Selling a hemp crop for the right price is dependent on starting with the right genetics and environment for growing. But in a new industry with a precious Five mistakes […]

  • Abacus acquires Harmony Hemp for $5.5M, boosting retail reach to 12,000 stores

    Rhode Island CBD manufacturer Abacus Health Products acquired Utah’s Harmony Health brand of topical CBD products in a cash-and-stock deal worth $5.5 million. The acquisition flexes Abacus’ retail footprint to roughly 12,000 locations nationwide. Harmony Health brands, which will continue selling under the Harmony Health name, […]

  • SLIDESHOW: Hempinions at the World Ag Expo

    The staff of Hemp Industry Daily is attending the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. We asked members of the hemp industry: How will farmers cope with the USDA’s hemp rules in 2020? SLIDESHOW: Hempinions at the World Ag Expo is a post from: Marijuana Business Daily: Financial, Legal & Cannabusiness news for cannabis entrepreneurs

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